The Release of Pixie’s SDK with RTLS API

We are extremely proud to announce our newly released SDK version 1.1.0 with RTLS API.
Using the Pixie Location of Things platform, tracking objects has just become easier than ever with the new RTLS API and Location Engine. The new API function and classes enable users to define 3 anchor points and one dynamic point as an input. The SDK output will result in a Location Map – True coordinates of all four Points. 
With constant updates of the maps, you will be able to create a location tracking system. A sample code is provided with the SDK to perform just that.

What is the Location Engine?

In the real-life environment, generating a Location Map without a Location Engine is not practical. There are inherent inaccuracies and inconsistencies, driven by the UWB sub system measurements. In addition, dynamic changes in the environment such as human body shielding, may cause a drift in measurements of up to several feet and impact its accuracy. The Location Engine applies smoothing logic on top of the raw measurements data. The “tightness” of the filters is set by input parameters, that represent the expected speed of the moving object. For fairly slow objects (i.e 50cm/sec), the Location Engine will limit the location’s changes to this speed. If the input parameter is of a high speed, the Location Engine filter will be “loose” resulting in stronger and more drastic location jumps over a short period of time.


So, what can you do with it?

The following drawing shows a RTLS setup. The Blue Point location is determined relative to the 3 other static Points. The setup is extremely simple – Just put 3 Points on the walls, and receive dynamic point location updates at a refresh rate of up to two per second. 
We have created a sample app that enables users to complete this setup and run it within minutes. There is no need for compiling any code, just download the sample app and follow the instructions in the how-to document. 

Request a Demo Now You can email us directly at

Request a Demo Now

You can email us directly at