Pixie iOS Location of Things SDK BETA Released

The new iOS SDK Beta release is here. If you are not familiar with Pixie LoT Platform and SDK, this is a short recap.

Pixie built its consumer product on top the Location of Things technology platform. Yet that was only the starting point. Pixie opens its iOS SDK to enable a new breed of location aware solutions.

What can you do with it?

Here are just a few examples: find keys or cars in parking lot, find expensive equipment in medical facilities, find IT equipment in the R&D department, or even a data center. Alternatively, make few of the points static, use them as anchor points, and have accurate tracking of the moving point. Accuracy to single foot!

The LoT platform has 3 main components:

The Pixie Points – A small, efficient and an incredibly powerful piece of hardware and firmware. Small enough to be wearable, power efficient as every IoT device should be, and the most accurate location tag, these Pixie Points are the cutting edge of location technology.


The Pixie Cloud -  Pixie Points’ management is done in the Pixie Cloud. Keeping security and privacy at the highest standards requires account management that couples each Point to its owner. Each Pixie Point belongs to a specific account and is discoverable only by phone that has this account credentials.

The Pixie SDK – in essence, this is the API for the LoT Platform. A powerful abstraction layer that hides the complexities of BLE protocol, Pixie network setup and recovery, power management algorithms and more.  In addition, we have designed and implemented sophisticated location engine which is very useful for RTLS / “blue dot” tracking applications.

The SDK comes in two flavors:


The Application SDK provides all the location functionality, without the Point management functions. This SDK operates in conjunction with the Pixie App. You use the Pixie App for setup and management functions such as account creation, account modifications and adding/removing points from the account. Think of it as Facebook App, where you cannot add or remove friends but you can add functions to the existing friends (Points in our case). This is useful for two main purposes:

  1. Creating custom App or custom UI for the Pixie Points. Like a special UI to find your luggage on the conveyer belt.
  2. Fast prototyping - if you want to prototype new system, avoid wasting time on management overhead. Jump straight forward to the unique thing you need to build!

    Enterprise SDK

    – This SDK enables users to build LoT projects from the ground up. The account and Points management are managed on the Pixie cloud; the developer will need to implement those functions on the local devices.


    The Application SDK is available now. Contact developer@getpixie.com to get access to the SDK, or visit our developer's page.

    The enterprise SDK will be released later in 2017.