Pixie's Location of Things (LoT) Technology

Build Accurate Location Solutions

LoT is the first and only technological platform that accurately locates things on the fly, down to inches, through walls, using ultra-low power location tags. It's all packaged in the Pixie iOS SDK, enabling apps developers and enterprises to build applications and solutions on top of LoT. No infrastructure needed! All you need is a mobile phone & Pixie Points (location tags).



Easy set up

No infrastructure at all or self-located anchors

Tiny Location Tag

Smallest BLE + UWB Location Tag


Ultra-low power

Designed for battery operated IoT applications


High resolution location down to inches


Sophisticated Location Engine

Steady and consistent location data


Mobile iOS SDK

Build your own solution on open SDK

What do you need to get started?

What do you need to get started with Pixie

Buy Pixie Points and start developing your LoT solution

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